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About Sue-Anne Watkins

Sue-Anne is a Certified Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) specialist. She studied under MAT Founder Gregg Roskopf in Denver Colorado and received her certification in this exciting new technique in 2009. Having taught yoga and pilates for 10 years, Sue-Anne has deep understanding, and an abundance of experience working with movement and muscle control. Through this experience Sue-Anne has developed an acute understanding of the difficulty and frustration experienced by people when range of motion and weakness limits their performance in daily activities.

What is MAT?

MAT's premise is that human movement and exercise are fundamental to human health and that a muscle's health (demonstrated by its ability to contract efficiently) is important for normal movement. Any loss of a muscle's ability to contract efficiently may be demonstrated as a loss of motion and decreased physical performance. In turn, these may lead to subjective complaints and/or the loss of physical capabilities.

If an asymmetry in motion between the two sides of the body exists then the side that moves less is interpreted as having lost its potential for muscle activation. Then comes the puzzle of figuring out which muscle(s) have lost their ability to contract. The Muscle Activation Specialist determines whether a muscle has lost its ability to contract through a series of assesment techniques. Then, precise forces are applied manually to restore muscle efficiency.

As muscles are restored to efficient contractile levels, MAT uses a system of checks and balances to ensure that any increases in joint motion and symmetry are accompanied by appropriate muscle contractability.

Benefits of MAT

MAT increases range of motion and strength which helps to decrease the limitation of performance. The technique is gentle and non-invasive and instatly demonstrates how critical a muscle'a ability to contract is to any type of movement.

What can you expect from a session

The muscle activation technique session takes place on a massage table and begins with a series of assessments through various movements and gentle palpations by the MAT Specialist. Then the interplay between gentle manual muscle activation and assessment begins. For some people the technique feels too subtle to be effective, until they stand up and check range of motion, then the results feel profound.


After doing Physio on and off for over a year and experiencing little to no significant relief, I decided to give MAT a try and am I ever glad I Did!!! After only 1 session I experienced more relief in my rotator cuff than I had ever been able to achieve during the whole process of my physic!!! After only 2 sessions I am basically symptom free. I no longer experience any pain; pain that in the past would wake me up ini the night!! I think that everyone with or without pain should give MAT a try. It's like a "tune-up" for your body and doesn't everyone deserve that!!!
Nicole Zeigler
I came to M.A.T. to improve my rowing performance. Due to an old injury and lower back problems my posture had developed to avoid pain in the problem area but this meant that some muscles weren’t firing as they should and others were overworked. Under Sue-Anne’s observant and patient care, I have seen major improvements in my posture as well as more stable and symmetrical muscle development. This has resulted in improved performance and reduced strain and pain on my joints. I don’t feel as though I need to protect my lower back the same way because I have now developed the muscles that support my lower back. By correcting uneven wear and tear on my joints, the potential benefits include greater mobility and avoidance of arthritis as I age. Balanced bio-mechanics are just as critical to good health as nutrition and exercise. If you have any pain in your body or are just looking to improve your performance in your sport, I highly recommend Sue-Anne and M.A.T.
Penny Paucha
Only after a few short weeks with Sue Anne and the MAT system, I feel like a new man. I was in a car accident over 30 years ago and after an operation I was left with a numb area in my upper thigh. After only two sessions of MAT a strange pain, that I had not felt in years (over thirty to be exact), had been “re-awakened”; the numbness with which I had been plagued for such a long time, had disappeared.
Her professional attitude and commitment to help her patients impressed me a great deal. I knew I would be in good hands from the start. From the first analysis of my needs, through the various sessions to “activate” troubled muscles, to my “homework exercises” I can’t thank her enough for restoring a complete life back to me. I am much more confident now in my personal and public relations.
Robin Benmergui